CPD Seminars Slides


2018/02/06 Topic: Coaching at Work

2018/01/16 Topic: China’s Cyber Security Laws: Implications for HK Companies Big and Small


2017/12/12 Topic: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Strategy and Best Practice

2017/11/14/ Topic: Achieving PCI Compliance – Best Practices Working with your Cloud Provider

2017/10/10/ Topic: Renovating the Mainframe Core: Modernizing Legacy Applications for the Cloud

2017/09/26 – Topic: Microsoft Cyber Security Update / Accelerating Digital Transformation and GDPR Compliance

2017/08/15 – Topic: The Competition Ordinance – Enforcement, Compliance and Relevance to IT Companies and Professionals

2017/07/25 – Topic: How ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 Fit into Your Cloud Implementation Strategy?

2017/06/29 – Topic: The Art of Cyberwar

2017/05/24 – Topic: The use of game and simulation for Information Systems Audit and Control teaching and training

2017/04/27 – Topic: The Internet of Things or The Internet of Threats?

2017/02/23 – Topic: Artificial Intelligence for Anti-Fraud

2017/01/18 – Topic: Managing SaaS-specific risks for cloud customers


2016/11/24 – Topic: Privacy law compliance in the big data era

2016/10/20 – Topic: ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management System – Overview

2016/09/28 – Topic: Next Generation of IT Management

2016/08/18 – Topic: Security Implications of Software Defined Networking (SDN)

2016/02/16 – Topic: Big Security – Using Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence to improve cyber security programs