Membership Benefits

Membership for IT Professionals, Students and Educators

ISACA membership reveals your high standards, speaks to your professional values and associates you with a distinguished group of peers.

Enhance Your Knowledge 

ISACA gives you access to the critical information you need to succeed and add value to your enterprise. As part of a talented global community of IT audit, information security and IT governance professionals, you have the opportunity to contribute directly to advancing the profession and developing its body of knowledge.

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Connect and Network

ISACA professional members include IT and information systems professionals covering a range of titles and disciplines, many with a focus in IT assurance, control, security, governance and risk.

As an ISACA member, you belong to a community of professionals that share mutual goals, interests and commitments. Becoming involved with your local chapter and attending ISACA events will allow you to make valuable connections with peers, share knowledge and discover new opportunities in your profession.

“Networking is key to landing a new position— approximately 79% of new jobs are found through networking.”

Advance Your Career

No matter where you are on your career path, ISACA equips you with the resources, training and education you need to expand your professional development opportunities. Many professionals worldwide consider membership in ISACA essential to their ongoing education, career progression and value delivery to their enterprises.

ISACA membership—more than 100,000 strong worldwide—is characterized by its diversity. Members live and work in more than 180 countries and cover a variety of professional IT-related positions. Some are in the most senior ranks, others are at middle management levels and still others are new to the field. They work in nearly all industry categories, including financial and banking, public accounting, government and the public sector, utilities and manufacturing.

ISACA membership sets you apart from other IT professionals by signifying that you are:

  • Dedicated to best practices and successful results
  • Committed to professional growth and advancement
  • Helping to advance your profession
  • A seeker of professional knowledge and a problem solver
  • Serious about continuing education
  • Connected with a highly regarded organization
  • Part of a global network of peers

 IT Professional Membership Benefits

Become an ISACA member and join a community of professionals who share your goals and understand your challenges. Expand your professional network of peers and potential employers all around the world.

ISACA positions you to succeed and thrive in your career. The Association is a resource you can draw upon to enhance your skills, expand your professional connections and experience a vibrant local and global community of colleagues.

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Member Benefits

ROI for the Enterprise

Key ISACA Membership Benefits

Explore ISACA’s wide range of member programs, educational opportunities, authoritative publications, and discounted products.

  • ISACA eLibrary—A comprehensive collection of nearly all ISACA/ITGI published books and over 350 additional titles
  • Free CPE—ISACA certified members can earn over 60 FREE CPEs per year.
  • CISA, CISM, CGEIT and CRISC certification—Member discounts for exam study aids, registration and maintenance
  • Conferences and Training—Member discounts on more than 25 ISACA events annually
  • Webcasts and e-Symposia—Members obtain up to 3 free CPE hours monthly!
  • Local (Chapter-level) Education—Access to affordable CPE programs and information exchange through regular chapter meetings and events
  • Bookstore —Member discounts on ISACA publications and research
  • Career Centre Enhancements—Access more jobs, including those posted on other job boards, more robust tools for job seekers and, coming soon—a free job board for freelancers.
  • Access My ISACA to update your profile and CPE hours.
  • ISACA Journal —The bimonthly technical journal, and an additional source of free CPE hours
  • @ISACA—A biweekly newsletter, conveniently delivering ISACA and professional news electronically
  • COBIT Online—Discounted subscription and complimentary baseline functionality
  • COBIT Quickstart—Complimentary member download – $55 value
  • Downloads—Members-only research discounts or preferred access to COBIT 4.1, Risk IT: Based on COBIT, Val IT and many other publications from ITGI
  • Knowledge Center—Exclusive access to one convenient online location where members can access professional knowledge. Network, learn and exchange ideas globally with peers through communities, shared interest groups, discussions and document sharing. Get a holistic view into all ISACA resources.
  • Standards—Easy access to ISACA’s IS Auditing Standards, Guidelines and Procedures
  • Audit Programs and Internal Control Questionnaires (ICQs)—Guidance tools for best practices
  • Research Opportunities—Support the work of the IT Governance Institute in developing products for IT governance control, assurance and taburity professionals
  • Join an Online Community on professional topics including IT Audit Tools, Privacy/Data Protection, Risk Management, COBIT Implementation and many others; or, create a new topic of your own!
  • Leadership Opportunities—Serve on ISACA boards and committees, help author or review ISACA research publications, write certification exam questions or become a local chapter leader.
  • Local Chapters—Get involved with one of ISACA’s more than 180 chapters worldwide, giving you access to affordable CPE programs and information exchange in your local area.

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Professional Membership
ISACA is positioned to help you succeed and thrive in your career. The Association is a resource you can draw upon to enhance your skills, expand your professional knowledge and experience a vibrant local and global community of colleagues.
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Student Membership
Connect with some of the world’s brightest leaders in IT governance, control, assurance and security worldwide, and see how you can make a difference in this high-demand field. Jump start your career by joining a community of over 800 student members attending more than 200 universities worldwide.
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Academic Membership
Gear your university’s curriculum to the professional marketplace. Access a library of robust and relevant case studies, network with a vibrant professional community, and attend worldwide student competitions.
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Local Chapter Information
Participate in your local chapter where like-minded people get together to network and share ideas. ISACA has more than 180 worldwide chapters, each offering unique opportunities to share professional expertise from diverse business communities.
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Join Now
Explore the many benefits of ISACA membership with globally recognized certifications, highly relevant research publications and an active worldwide community of IT and business professionals. .
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Membership FAQs 

Code of Professional Ethics

ISACA sets forth this Code of Professional Ethics to guide the professional and personal conduct of members of the association and/or its certification holders.

Members and ISACA certification holders shall:

  1. Support the implementation of, and encourage compliance with, appropriate standards, procedures and controls for information systems.
  2. Perform their duties with objectivity, due diligence and professional care, in accordance with professional standards and best practices.
  3. Serve in the interest of stakeholders in a lawful and honest manner, while maintaining high standards of conduct and character, and not engage in acts discreditable to the profession.
  4. Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information obtained in the course of their duties unless disclosure is required by legal authority. Such information shall not be used for personal benefit or released to inappropriate parties.
  5. Maintain competency in their respective fields and agree to undertake only those activities, which they can reasonably expect to complete with professional competence.
  6. Inform appropriate parties of the results of work performed; revealing all significant facts known to them.
  7. Support the professional education of stakeholders in enhancing their understanding of information systems security and control.

Failure to comply with this Code of Professional Ethics can result in an investigation into a member’s, and/or certification holder’s conduct and, ultimately, in disciplinary measures.

See Code of Professional Ethics FAQs concerning the complaint handling process.

Member Levels 
ISACA constituents make up the world’s largest global organization devoted to developing trust in and value from information systems.

Prestige – Recognition – Appreciation
As a long-standing ISACA member, you can take pride in knowing that you have contributed to the profession’s body of knowledge and best-practices and helped build ISACA into a vast worldwide organization with four globally-recognized accepted certifications. ISACA acknowledges your contributions and professional investment and want to recognize you.

Member Levels
ISACA is now awarding four new levels of recognition for our distinguished long-term members:

  • Bronze Level Membership

Awarded to those with 3-4 consecutive years of membership

  • Silver Level Membership

Awarded to those with 5-9 consecutive years of membership

  • Gold Level Membership

Awarded to those with 10-14 consecutive years of membership

  • Platinum Level Membership

Awarded to those with 15 or more consecutive years of membership

For example, if you first joined ISACA in 2010, and are a current 2011 member,  you can earn Bronze Level Membership by renewing now for 2012 – your third year!

  • Your membership level will be printed on your membership card so that you can proudly show it as tangible evidence of your dedication to the profession and ISACA.
  • Your membership level will be communicated to your chapter where your local leaders are encouraged to hold special events recognizing long-term members.
  • At conferences and educational events sponsored by ISACA, special recognition is planned for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum level members.
  • In addition, because your online profile will include your membership level — when you call or write to ISACA Headquarters, you will be recognized and appreciated as one of our long-term members.

ISACA knows that members must choose their professional investments wisely. We truly appreciate your confidence in the value that your ISACA membership and/or certification brings to you and your career. We thank you for your continued membership.

“You are ISACA!”
You have earned the prestige, recognition and appreciation you deserve for being a valuable member of the world’s largest global organization devoted to developing trust in and value from information systems.

Members with China HK Chapter:
– Access to affordable continuing professional education programs
– Information exchange through regular chapter meetings and events
– Chapter communications (newsletters, web sites)
– Access to our website’s ‘Members Only’ area for the current year’s seminar slides
– Local leadership opportunities
– The opportunity to make a positive impact on the local business community

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